Creating a beautiful garden design can transform any space, whether large or small. From increasing your properties value to improving your quality of life, maximising your outdoor space is a proven asset. In this blog post, we’ll explore a selection of creative landscaping ideas to help inspire your new garden.

Assessing your space

The first step in any garden design project is to assess the space available. This includes dimensions, the orientation of your garden and any limitations. It’s important to consider any existing elements, such as walls, fences or neighbouring buildings.

Creating zones

Working with a small space highlights the necessity for creating defined zones. These could include dining areas, seating areas or areas of greenery. When considering your layout its important to focus on your own personal needs, as well as considering the versatility of each area. An example could be combining an outdoor patio area with space saving furniture, allows for a great outdoor play area for children and families.

Decking, Patios and Paths

Incorporating ‘hard landscaping’ elements into your garden design, such as decking, patios and paths helps to not only open up a space but also create variety in your landscape. For example, Combining areas of turf with slab paths and gravel helps to add another level of visual interest. 

Maximising vertical space

When your outdoor area is limited, considering a multi level approach is invaluable. Whether this is through the use of tiered planters, hanging baskets, wall mounted planters and trellises- creating variety across multiple levels maximises your gardens potential.

Plant selection

The key to a thriving small garden, lies in creating a selection of plants that are not only visually pleasing but also practical for the space.

When designing for a smaller garden, it is best practice to avoid large trees that can easily overwhelm the area and block light, instead choosing smaller alternatives that are easily managed and maintained. Vertical gardening and using climbing plants (such as clematis or Ivy on trellises) can decorate otherwise plain areas of your garden, such as fences or walls.

Every garden is unique

We’ve detailed some ideas on how you make the most out of a small space, however we know that each garden is unique. When considering your own garden plans, it’s important to make the space work for you and your own needs.

At Groby Landscapes, we offer a comprehensive garden design service, whether you have any initial ideas yourself or a complete blank canvas- we’re confident in transforming your garden into a beautiful outdoor haven. Contact our team today to discuss your needs, or request a free consultation.

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