With summer fast approaching, your thoughts are probably starting to turn to your garden. Whether the grass needs tending after the winter months, or a few stray weeds have started to appear, it’s the perfect time to go back outside and get your garden summer-ready as the first warm days start to creep in.

It’s also the perfect time to think about refurnishing your garden, so you’re all set to enjoy lazy weekends in the sun, or host your friends and family once barbecue season arrives. From grassy gardens to patio paving, it can however be difficult to choose the perfect garden furniture to suit your space.

Don’t fret – help is at hand as we run down our top recommendations of different garden furniture to suit your needs.

Best garden furniture for natural turf

Most types of outdoor furniture are fine on grass, but if you want to maintain a pristine lawn, it’s best to avoid plastic or metallic furniture with narrow legs. These items are likely to dig into your lawn and make holes and rivets as people move around. They may also require extra cleaning as the legs dig into the soil. The best garden furniture to put on grass includes loungers with wide bases, or non-moving benches. In fact, a rustic pub-style table and bench can the perfect addition to any grassy area. Search out an eight-seater circular offering with space for a parasol, and you’ll have plenty of room for everyone once the barbecue is lit.

Outdoor furniture for artificial turf

The same logic applies to artificial turf for similar reasons, but with different consequences. Artificial turf is becoming a more popular choice due to its convenience and ease of maintenance, and is usually seen as an investment for the years ahead. The difference is that damage to a turf lawn isn’t too difficult to repair yourself, whereas sharp furniture poking holes in your artificial turf would require a landscaper to repair. Similarly, scorching your grass with a barbecue can be repaired with seeds and water, but if barbecue heat damages your artificial turf, it will be a more costly fix. Therefore, keep to garden furniture with a wide or flat base, and position the barbecue elsewhere.

Garden furniture ideas for decking, patios or paving.

When choosing garden furniture, it’s always advisable to make sure it’s weatherproof before purchase. You may think it’s a given, but not all garden furniture is able to withstand the elements, and you probably don’t want the hassle of storing it away between uses. Plastic furniture is usually fine, but if you’re going for metal, make sure it’s treated with a rust-proof coasting to ensure it lasts. One popular choice for patio furniture is rattan – a style of wicker furniture, woven solely from rattan wood. It’s light and easy to manoeuvre, and will stand up to all kinds of weather. What’s more, most rattan furniture is available with weatherproof cushions included, making for a relaxing and comfortable choice.

If your garden needs a little love and attention ahead of summer, be sure to contact Groby Landscapes. Providing expert services since 1964, our dedicated team can transform your home or business space with garden design, patios, decking, fencing, and even amazing water features. We’re Marshall’s accredited, which means you can book with confidence, so contact us today.

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