Incorporating water into your garden design is a great way to not only enhance its aesthetics, but also a way of creating a calming and tranquil atmosphere. Whether you’re considering a pond, fountain or other water features – here’s our guide with some top tips and benefits.

Benefits of water features in your garden

  1. Aesthetically beautiful

Water features can breath life into an otherwise static garden. The dynamic nature, sounds and movement of flowing water can help to create great interest and focal points.

  1. Sit back and relax

If you’re looking to create a tranquil and relaxing outdoor space to unwind this summer, water features with smooth flowing water, make an excellent choice. 

  1. Wildlife haven

Ponds and other water elements can attract a variety of wildlife, birds and creatures to enjoy your outdoor space.

Water lilies and other water plants

Type of water features

Type of water features

  1. Ponds

Ponds are a versatile addition to any garden. With a range sizes and styles, they can be designed to fit seamlessly within any space. Formally designed ponds, can offer structure and symmetry which is ideal for contemporary garden designs, however more natural ponds can be customised into your existing landscape.

When considering a garden pond, it is important to ensure proper depth and size to accommodate any fish or plants, as well as the location to encourage plants growth. 

A geometric designed pond with water plants
  1. Fountains

Fountains and other water features come in a range of styles, from traditional to contemporary. Adding beauty, elegance and soothing background sounds, fountains are perfect for creating focal points.

When deciding on your water feature, it’s important to consider a style that matches your garden’s aesthetic. Regularly cleaning and maintenance is also necessary to prevent algae build up and to clean other debris.

A large metal sphere water feature surrounded by pebbles
  1. Waterfalls

Waterfalls make a striking feature in any garden design – whether as a standalone statement piece or integrated into a pond. Cascading waterfalls work across multiple levels, creating great focal points. Sheet waterfalls are seen as a smooth sheet of water flowing over a flat surface, and pair well with a contemporary aesthetic.

Using natural rocks, stones and plants around a garden waterfall can blend it into the landscape and create a beautifully realistic look.

A mini waterfall fountain surrounded by plants

Adding water to your garden can significantly enhance its beauty and functionality. Whether you choose a traditional pond, elegant fountain or striking waterfall – all of these elements can bring a sense of charm and tranquility to your outdoor space. 

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