Whether it’s a driveway, patio or a garden path, block paving is a popular design feature to add character to any outdoor space. With regular maintenance, cleaning and care, block paving can be kept looking its best for many years to come. In this simple guide, we’ll share some tips to keep your paving in top condition.


Basic cleaning of block paving can be completed using a stiff broom. Regular sweeping can help to remove debris (such as leaves or twigs) as well preventing dirt from becoming lodged between the joins of the paving.

Weeds are common offenders with block paving designs, often sprouting up between blocks. These can be treated effectively with weedkillers, or removed entirely by hand pulling. This also stops the weeds from spreading and potentially causing further damage.


Pressure washing can damage your block paving if done incorrectly or too often. Although it is not advised for frequent use, by using a low pressure setting and appropriate nozzle, you can effectively clean stubborn dirt, moss or stains. In this case it is recommended to angle the washer at a 30 degree angle, to avoid damaging the paving.

For general cleaning of lighter stains or grime, it is recommended to wash with simple soapy water. This can then be followed with clean water to remove any remaining dirt.


Stains, for example from oil, can be unsightly and difficult to remove. However some stains can be lifted by using simple household products. For example washing up liquid or baking soda. Simply, leave on the stain for a few hours to absorb any excess oil, you can then scrub the surface and rinse with warm water.

Damage Prevention

Common signs of damage for block paving can include cracks, loose bricks or loss of sand between joins. To minimise potential damage, regular maintenance is required. This may also include re-sanding, which is a process to fill the gaps between the blocks, to prevent any of the blocks moving or them becoming uneven.

Through regular maintenance, care and preventative measures, you can protect your block pavings appearance and durability for many years to come. If you are interested in investing in block paving for your outdoor space, please contact our friendly team for a free consultation on 0116 238 6039.

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