As we step into 2024, there are some up and coming trends for garden design and outdoor spaces. From artificial lawns to outdoor living and dining spaces, we have compiled some of the most popular predicted trends for the year ahead.

Artificial lawns

Over the past few years, both the quality and popularity of artificial turf has been increasing. Providing a low maintenance solution, coupled with a vibrant appearance all  year-round, Artificial lawn is continuing to grow in popularity.

Low maintenance garden design

Following on from artificial lawns, low maintenance gardens are on the rise. With busy schedules and the desire for more leisure time, crafting outdoor spaces without the need for constant maintenance is an increasingly popular option. Combining easy to care for plants as well as different strategic landscaping elements means you can create a garden which not only looks visually stunning, but also doesn’t require constant upkeep.

Environmentally conscious designs

In 2024, gardens and outdoor spaces are not just about aesthetics. Designing with native flowers and plants in mind, incorporating water efficient features and supporting the natural elements of the landscape are becoming increasingly popular. If you are interested in bespoke planting plans for your garden, Groby Landscapes offer a complete planting plan service.

Outdoor living and dining spaces

Patios, Decking or cozy nooks and summer houses are all areas which are trending right now. Gardens are no longer limited to simply plants alone, and instead are combining elements of functionality and practicality. Whether you work from home, enjoy hosting for family and friends or simply want to relax and unwind- blurring the line between the indoors and out is a great way to transform a garden space.

Garden features

Striking garden features and installations are also set to grow in 2024. Incorporating wood paneling, raised planter beds or decorative screens and structures can transform an outdoor space. Plant walls, also known as living walls, can breathe life and vibrancy into an otherwise plain outdoor environment.

Make your garden work for you

In conclusion, the garden design trends for the year ahead are themed around marrying aesthetics and practicality. When considering your garden or outdoor spaces design, it’s important to reflect on your own personal preferences and needs.

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