As the colder weather draws nearer and the frost approaches, considering both the needs and challenges faced by your garden at this time is a key aspect of maintenance. In this guide, we’ll explore some simple to implement tips and advice to keep your garden thriving even in the colder season.

Frost and snow protection

Winter frost poses a significant risk to your garden and plants. It’s important to take action in protecting your plants, for example by using frost blankets or old sheets to cover them overnight. Some potted plants can also be brought indoors and away from the cold to help protect them.

Snowfall can also impact your garden. Although snow can help protect against frost in some cases by creating an insulated layer, you may want to remove any excess snow that has gathered. By removing the snowfall, you reduce the weight and the extra pressure placed on plants or branches which could lead to snapping or general damage.

This is also worth considering for other areas of your garden, for example frames or roofs, which could be damaged with larger amounts of snow and weight bearing on them.

General winter maintenance

Throughout the winter months, general garden maintenance is still needed. Cleaning up debris such as fallen leaves or removing dead branches from shrubs or plants.

It’s also important to check on any garden structures you may have, for example inspecting trellises or fences. Looking for signs of wear or damage gives you a stronger understanding of any potential issues and any action you may need to take.

Winter wildlife

Cold weather brings unique and harsh challenges for local wildlife. Whilst safeguarding your plants and garden structures is crucial, it’s also important to create an environment which can support local wildlife whilst they seek food and shelter from the elements.

Creating food sources for wildlife, for example by planting berry shrubs or setting up bird feeders. Providing shelter in the form of evergreen trees and shrubs can offer a safe haven for birds and small mammals.

Incorporating other features into your garden, such as nesting boxes for birds, bug hotels or hedgehog homes can also provide great shelter and safe spaces to hibernate.

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