Now that the warmer weather has arrived, you’ve probably noticed that the grass (if you have turf) in your gardens landscape is starting to need a trim. This means it’s time to retrieve the lawnmower from the shed and get back into the swing of mowing.

If your lawnmower has come out of the shed after winter in a slightly worse state than it went in, or if you just need a new mower in general, the start of summer is the perfect time to invest. Purchasing the right lawnmower for your garden can be confusing however, so if you don’t know your Hover mower from your Rotary mower, we’re here to help you pick the perfect one for you.

Hover Mower

Both a Hover mower and a Rotary mower have a spinning blade to cut turf; the main difference is how they manoeuvre. A Hover mower has no wheels, and works by creating a cushion of air which lets you ‘sweep’ it across your lawn. This means that it’s much easier to turn, and is especially suited to smaller gardens. Due to its flat, wheel-less base however, it’s better suited to lawn which are flat and even, as going over bumps or undulations can prove difficult. Hover mowers are a usually a more budget-friendly option too, so they’re the perfect fit if you have a smaller garden that’s quite flat.

Rotary Mower

A Rotary mower has the same spinning blade action as a Hover, but the big difference is the inclusion of wheels, which makes it much better suited for uneven or bumpy lawns. It’s better for large areas as it takes much less effort to push than a Hover mower, although when trying to get round small spaces they’re more difficult to turn in a tight space. Rotary mowers will usually have options to set the length of cut by adjusting the wheel height, giving you more control over the style and finish of your lawn.

Cylinder Mower

Hover and Rotary mowers are fine for the average garden, but if you’re looking for a truly smart and professional finish, you’ll want to invest in a Cylinder mower. These mowers feature twirled blades inside a cylinder (hence the name) which act as a pair of scissors, trapping the grass between the blades for very fine results. This makes them ideal for neat finishes on show gardens, tennis courts and golf courses, and is also a great choice if you want to mow visible lines into the grass.

Ride-on Mower

If you’re lucky enough to own a large area of land, then a Ride-On mower is the best way to cover the distance quickly, efficiently, and without tiring anyone out. These can be in the form of large lawnmowers with a seat and steering wheel, or a mini-tractor, depending on the type of land you’ll be covering. Other types of Ride-On mower include ‘Out-Front’ mowers with a front-loaded blade for increased visibility and control in tight areas, or ‘Zero-Turn’ mowers which can perform 360 degree turns for maximum manoeuvrability.

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Zero Maintenance Lawns

If life is too busy for mowing the lawn, there are other options available in the form of artificial turf. Recent advances in artificial materials mean that there’s never been a better time to consider this, with realistic results available at affordable rates. With zero cutting, watering, and maintenance required, you can enjoy the view without having to worry about either its upkeep, or muddy footprints in the house. To learn more about professionally installed artificial turf, contact Groby Landscapes today.

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