For those times when you may not need a landscaper, and are happy to take on a gardening job yourself, it’s always useful to know the best tools for the job. That’s why we’ve decided to run through some of the most commonly-used garden tools, and give our recommendations around the best models available.

Here’s a look at some of the best brands and tools that have worked well for us.

Trimming Shears

We recommend: Fiskars PowerGear Hedge Shears HS72

Ideal for both cutting and trimming bushes or hedges, these super-sharp shears have everything you need to help get the job done quickly and easily. One of the primary benefits is their cutting action, which features an impressive gear mechanism to reduce the amount of force required.

The heavy-duty blades are made from extra-hard corrosion-resistant steel, which means they’ll stay sharp and keep on cutting for longer. They also feature lightweight, ergonomic handles made from FiberComp materials, so they’re easy to manoeuvre and use for extended periods of time. Coming in close to £40 from most retailers, they’re not the cheapest blades on the market, but their longevity and ease of use make them a great choice.

Leaf Blowers

We recommend: Stihl BGA 57

A German company who’ve been manufacturing hand-held landscaping equipment for almost 100 years, Stihl is a brand that knows its stuff. This easy-to-use cordless blower combines a lightweight design and decent power output to ensure great results. Weighing just 2kg, it’s easy to use one-handed, while a soft grip and ambidextrous design make it a winner all round.

It’s perfect for clearing leaves and mulch from either garden or patio surfaces, and features an extendable blower tube to suit both the job and your height. The only downside is that it doesn’t double up as a garden vacuum as some other blowers do, but if a blower alone is all you need, it’s certainly worth the £119 price tag.

Lawn Mowers

We recommend: AL-KO Energy Flex 42.9 Li Lawnmower

This impressive mower ticks all the right boxes – It cuts well, it’s lightweight, easy to control, relatively quiet, and it has a pretty big grass collector on the back, so you won’t need to keep emptying your cuttings out every three minutes.

The ergonomic handlebar makes it comfortable to use, while its power efficient wheel drive stops you from bumping around, and the adjustable cutting lengths mean you’ll get the finish you’re looking for. It’ll set you back over £500, but if you’re looking for a mower that’ll see you through years to come, it’s a good investment.

Hedge trimmers

We recommend: Husqvarna 122HD60

One of the main bugbears of people trimming hedges is the noise output annoying neighbours. While you’ll never find a completely silent trimmer, this one is at the lower end of the noise output scale, thanks to its low-noise engine helping you minimise disturbances.

Perfect for domestic use, the adjustable handle lets you tackle both the top and sides of your hedgerows, while the 59cm blades make easy work of most branches. It’s also comfortable to use for longer periods of time, with its lightweight design and anti-vibration dampeners absorbing the vibrations before they reach your hands and arms.

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