Over the recent months, working from home as become the new normal. With new government advice requesting that employees continue to work from home wherever possible, this doesn’t seem set to change anytime soon. Looking to the long-term when things gradually get back to normal, it’s likely that the ease and routine of working from home is so familiar, that it will probably continue in some capacity for many workers.

With that in mind, it’s never too late to invest in your home working space, and create an environment that helps you to be both as comfortable and productive as possible. One popular solution is a garden office away, set from your home. We take a look at some of the top benefits of this idea.

It mentally separates home and work

One of the hardest things about working from home is being able to engage your work self in a domestic environment. This psychological hurdle is one that many workers find tricky, so it can be helpful to create a working area away from home life. This can be a conservatory, an attic room, or anywhere that feels separate. A garden cabin ticks all boxes, but also means you don’t have to sacrifice a room in your house to create a productive space.

You can escape interruptions

Separating your home and working areas isn’t just about training your mind to recognise your work environment. Domestic settings are also rife with potential for interruption and distraction, such as noisy children in nearby rooms, or the temptation to start domestic chores when your mind wanders. With a cabin office outside, you’re safe from noisy interruptions, knocks at the door, or the pull of the laundry hamper.

It’s kinder to the environment

Using a small office space as opposed to the main house (if you’re the only one home), means the potential to reduce energy bills as you’ll be heating and lighting a much smaller area. With a purpose-built office, you also don’t have to travel to work as often, so you’ll be saving money on travel costs. This will cut both your monthly bills as well as your environmental emissions.

It may increase your property value

If and when you decide to move on from your current home, you may also find that your cabin office can help to make your property more desirable, and can increase the value of your home. Additional home features such as attic conversions, extensions, and purpose-built sheds are popular with both buyers and investors, so the investment in a cabin office has the potential to pay off in actual profit further down the line.

It’s completely versatile

Your brand new garden office cabin is a blank slate, which you can make work for your own personal requirements. From the choice of furniture and décor, to the direction you face and the temperature of the room, there’s no need to compromise with co-workers any longer. Creative types can adorn the walls with inspirational images, while anyone who finds themselves on regular video calls can cultivate a more professional backdrop than their bedroom bookcase. If you change professions, the space can change with you, and if you leave work altogether, a cabin can bring just as much success re-purposed as a summer house.

Here at Groby Landscapes, we’re ready to make your outdoor space work for you, with aesthetic improvements such as patios, decking, planting and water features, to practical features such as timberwork, sheds, and office cabins. With decades of experience in the industry, we’re ready to turn your ideas into a reality. For more information, or to request a free visit and consultation, be sure to contact us today.

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