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Garden Design


Proper planning is important if a garden is to have that perfect look. A design drawn up by a professional ensures that a garden is in the best possible outline for the area it is being set up in. The flowers and plants to be planted need to be considered carefully and the best possible combination decided upon. A garden design is critical and should look good on paper before any work is commenced on the ground.


The land set aside for the planting of a garden is not always in the ideal state for the intended design. It may be sloped in unworkable angles making it difficult or even impossible to utilize. Landscaping makes the proposed garden area pleasant to look at and workable. Landscaping enables the garden design to be actualized. View our landscaping services.


A good garden has the right choices of plants in the proper ratio and density. Every plant should be planted with the correct spacing and in the requisite soil condition. The one planting needs to be knowledgeable in soil fertility enhancements such as manure and fertilizer. He should also understand watering and irrigation needs of different plants.

Water Features

Water features such as ponds, waterfalls, and fountains add to the liveliness and elegance of any garden. Their cost and technical nature of their design and construction requires them to be handled by experienced personnel.


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There are those areas in a garden where one needs to drive a car or walk on. Paving provides the surface on which this can take place conveniently without causing unnecessary wear on vegetation such as grass lawns. The best paving is made from material which looks good but is resistant to wear. Good paving materials include cobblestone and concrete blocks. More on block paving & driveways.


There are those small outdoor areas just next to the house that are not suitable to be planted with any flowers or plants, but are perfect for relaxation. These are the best places for setting up patios on which garden furniture can be placed. The same materials used to make paving are usually also suitable for patios.


Many gardens need to be divided into different areas depending on size and intended purpose. Different gardens have diverse partitioning needs. There are various types of fences that one can put up in a garden depending on height, material, and design. Examples of fencing materials include wooden board, planks, and concrete. Fencing can be solid or spaced with gaps such as in wooden picket fences. The two major factors to consider when putting up a fence are privacy and security needs.

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