In 2015, many homeowners in the UK are reorganizing their backyards to include gardens; however, they are not doing it for the reasons that you may think. In previous generations of homeowners, people might have gardens in order to beautify their property ahead of a sale. Today, people are garden landscaping for reasons of health and nourishment. Groby Landscapes look at the reasons behind an expected rise in the number of people carrying out their own landscaping in 2015.

Why Garden Landscaping is Rising in 2015

With a great deal of emphasis being placed on the preservatives in packaged foods, many people are moving towards a natural means of growing their own food in order to control what they put in their body. Gardens in the backyard means real raw fruits and vegetables. It means no preservatives, and it also means a more healthy and beautiful environment.

The impact of preservatives on mental and physical health is devastating. Large-scale food operations actually involve pollutants in their food preservation efforts. These pollutants enter the body and manifest themselves in many ways including allergies, autism and decreased energy.


Many people are also looking for a way to incorporate more activity into their daily lives. Planting the trees and vegetables in the backyard is a great way to accomplish this. It also creates an entirely different lifestyle for a homeowner, as these plants must be maintained. This requires a more active lifestyle around the clock and around the year.

Saving Money

Many homeowners in the UK are also feeling the effects of a decreasing economy. Financial experts expect the average home size to decrease; however, outdoor entertainment as an industry is expected to increase at a 4% clip. This is because many people are taking it upon themselves to entertain at home rather than paying for the convenience of a movie or a night out dancing. The garden is a large part of this even in the off-season, as it adds a great deal of ambience to any outdoor area.

Growing food at home also saves money. Believe it or not, processed foods that are less healthy actually cost more than growing healthy food at home. As more homeowners in the UK realize this, more of them are taking it upon themselves to grow their own gardens in order to put that money towards other investments, children, school, additions to the house and saving for big vacations that are usually taken in the winter months of the year.

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