Structures such as sheds, decks, and gazebos are often not utilized to their fullest potential to bring life and function to a garden space. Too many gardeners have a dingy little shack for storing tools and a splintery deck taking up space. Taking the time to properly design and maintain these types of structures can be very rewarding in the long run. There are three main structures commonly found in garden design. All of these can be provided by Groby Landscapes as part of their landscaping services.

Creating Garden Deck Space

box-fencing-deckingDecks have an amazing potential to be the middle ground between one’s home and one’s garden, serving as a sort of in-between space with an astounding number of uses. A properly maintained deck gives a great platform for viewing a garden, offers space for outdoor family interaction, and should you choose to build a covered deck, provide shelter in the case of inclement weather. The deck should match the colours of any surrounding sheds and gazebos, and can be bordered by flowers or vines. Deck space is also useful for easy access to herbs and vegetables like tomatoes, which can be grown in a hanging planter.

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Making the most of a Shed

The classic garden shed is built of tin or wood and serves no purpose but holding the gardeners tools and equipment. The shed can become part of the design of the garden, with a little attention to detail and planning it can even be a pleasant addition to the backyard scenery. Sheds should be placed as to not obstruct the view of anything you choose to grow in your garden, and should be kept to neutral or earth-tone colours to help them feel more natural. The shed can be used as an extra space for hanging plants, seed storage, tool storage, and even as an indoor growing environment during the colder months.

Tying a Garden together with a Gazebo


A well placed gazebo can tie together an entire garden as an elegant centrepiece. Gazebos should follow the same colour scheme as the deck and garden shed, using neutral and earth-tones to help the structure blend in with the garden. Vines can be grown along posts, or up trellis walls suspended between the posts. The garden should be easily accessed from the deck by means of a stone walkway or cleared path, but as with the shed should not obstruct views of planting areas. The area around a gazebo is fabulous for perennial flowers, as the changing blooms with the seasons will give the structure, and your garden, new life year round.

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