Unique Landscaping Ideas for Small Gardens

If you love working outside and there’s one specific small area either in the corner, middle or back section of the yard that needs some creative attention, the possibilities are endless. Integrating plants, flowers, grass or turf, and paving, accomplishes an atheistic view that is unique and efficient. Your yard becomes the most envious and eye-catching scenery on the block.

Use Trees to Develop the Perfect Landscape


If your property has trees, especially in groups of two’s or three’s, you can use them as foundational points for creating beautiful landscape designs. First, add pavers or bricks in the middle of the grouping, furnish it with a 3-piece patio set and it will make all the difference. Select your favorite perennial bulb that grows best in shaded places to dress the base of each tree. Then bring it all together by creating an edging that contours with the layout of the trees, using year round plants, such as ornamental grass.

Landscape with Cactus Plant Gardens

Landscaping the corner sections of your yard with cactus and succulent gardens adds value as well as drama. The variety of cactus that are available makes them interesting and appealing with the different shapes, sizes, textures, and colours. In addition, they are low maintenance and can survive in any type of weather. Tack on a small paving area provides a great flat surface for small pieces of decorations like a bird bath or other features.

Small Gardens for Small Spaces

Not all yards are created equally. If you just happened to live in a condo and the back yard has limited space, it doesn’t mean that you cannot bring it to life. Add turf to surround or accent a paved circular, square, or whatever shaped area preferred for outdoor furniture or other decorations. Along with colourful plants, shrubs, and mulch, you have just created your own small outdoor paradise.

Change the Scenery with Small Rock Gardens


Rock gardens are very popular for small gardens, and when planted in any size yard, the effectiveness remains the same. There are multiple sizes, colors, shapes, patterns and textures of rocks to make selection process less challenging; therefore, combining the different rocks adds a creative and interesting look to the garden. Using turf, plants, such as small shrubbery and paving as fillers adds balance to the rock garden.

These are just a few suggestions for those who are considering a small landscaping project. Select the area, sketch out a plan, list materials that you need and let your creativity do the rest. Good Luck!

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