As the year 2023 quickly approaches, now is the time to start planning the design of your garden. Spring is coming and with it will be the onset of warm weather, fresh produce, and long days. Traditional garden design requires careful planning and consideration as to where you will plant your plants, what type of soil and compost you will use, and what plants you will place in a particular location. The idea behind the traditional garden design is to have a functional garden. All the plants are chosen with a purpose in mind. Trees create shade, herbs can be used in the kitchen, flowers bring colour to the landscape and vegetables provide a source of sustenance. Traditional landscape design requires careful grooming of your garden and maintenance throughout the year. Below are the top traditional garden trends for 2023:

Growing Your Bouquets

What could be more romantic than gathering fresh flowers right from your garden? Homeowners with a green thumb will be able to create heirloom bouquets year-round. Planting simple annuals such as snapdragons, chrysanthemums, sweet peas, and asters, homeowners can enjoy freshly picked bouquets throughout the summer months. In the fall season, planting an abundance of bulbs will allow you to enjoy colourful flowers such as tulips and daffodils in the spring.

Creating Cottage Gardens

Cottage gardens are aesthetically pleasing and full of life. Homeowners will be able to create an enchanting setting by incorporating flowers, herbs, and plants that they would see in their dream cottage garden. Cottage gardens are typically built around a central theme. For instance, a cottage garden can be designed with a beautiful green lawn surrounded by flowers and herbs like mint, rosemary, and thyme.

Wildlife Habitats

With the growing awareness of protecting the environment, homeowners will be creating wildlife habitats in which animals can thrive. Exotic plants that are hardy and require little maintenance will be the perfect fit for these wildlife habitats. Examples of plants that can be used for these habitats include ferns, orchids, and hostas.

Planting Containers in Your Garden

The need for container gardening is increasing as the prices of plants continue to rise. There are many different types of containers that can be used in your garden. Small containers such as terracotta pots, glass containers, and recycled plastic buckets can be used to house plants that require little space.

Swapping Lawns for Meadows

When it comes to gardening, there is no better trend than the creation of meadows. Meadows are an excellent way to beautify your yard and protect the environment at the same time. Meadows are created by eliminating your lawn and replacing it with a meadow of wildflowers. It is an excellent way to create a unique landscape that will not only improve the appearance of your property but will attract butterflies and birds as well.

Deciding to create a traditional garden design can be an exciting undertaking. When choosing plants, be sure that the plants match your environment and soil conditions. The most important thing when it comes to traditional garden design is to plan and implement a functional design based on your needs.

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