The Perfect Deck for Your Outdoor Needs

Decking in your backyard or garden can add a stylish touch to the space. The style of the deck and the materials you use will depend upon your needs and the atmosphere you want to convey. It can be a sturdy backdrop to entertain the entire family for large parties, or a tranquil oasis for quiet contemplation. Decking can be as minimal as you like it, either a large part of your garden design or a simple addition to your landscape, for further information contact Groby Landscapes to see a large portfolio of our work and how we can help you.

Tranquil Oasis

After a hard day’s work, many homeowners want a quiet place to relax that is filled with greenery, flowers and birds. There are questions you’ll need to ask yourself while planning your outdoor retreat. Will it be seen from the house, so that it will need to meld seamlessly with the feel of the home? Does it have direct sunlight during the day? These questions will influence the type of wood used in the garden oasis.

Sturdy Family Zone

Many families love to entertain. Friends and family are welcome at their home at any time, and they love to entertain in the backyard during beautiful weather. The decking is an important aspect of the outdoor, entertainment area. If you’re planning an outdoor entertainment area, you’ll need to ask yourself some questions. Does the deck need to sealed against foot traffic? Will the family spend many hours on the deck? Will it have a canopy, or be directly in the sun?

Types of Wood for Decking


Pressure Treated Wood

This type of wood is treated to protect it against the elements and is ideal for decking that will see a lot of foot traffic and wear. The wood will not swell in the heat. This is a great feature for decking that will see a lot of sun during the day. The decking made with pressure treated wood will need to be washed and sealed at least once a year. Pressure treated wood can prolong the life of the deck for over 20 years if treated properly.

Redwood and Cedar

Hardwoods can be a bit more expensive than softwoods but they are more durable and can last much longer. Redwood and cedar have a natural resistance to decay and insects. Termite infestation can be a serious problem with outdoor wood decks, but not for redwood or cedar. They are easy to stain any color the homeowner wishes. Like pressure treated wood, they have to be washed at least once a year.Fencing can be made with the same materials to match the wood of the deck. Decorative elements can be added to give the deck added style too. The decking company will talk to you about styles and the type of environment you want to create with your deck.

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