Your driveway is more than just a functional pathway to your home. It serves as the first impression of your property. By investing in an aesthetically pleasing and well designed driveway design you can not only increase your properties ‘kerb’ appeal, but also add value to your property.

In this post, we’ll explore the different options available for driveway design and installation across Leicester and Leicestershire.

Choosing your driveway material

There are several options to consider when deciding on your driveways material, each with their own benefits and unique factors.


Asphalt is a cost-effective and durable choice, with a smooth and clean appearance which suits a modern look. Asphalt is also low maintenance, however is prone to not only cracking over time but also oil stains and fading. There are also limited design options.


Concrete is a versatile material for driveway installations. With a wide range of finishes and colours, concrete can also be stamped or textured. Concrete is low maintenance and is resistant to weeds however the installation costs can be high and it is susceptible to cracking which may require repair. The surface can also become slippery when wet.


At Groby Landscapes we specialise in block paving installation. The possibilities are endless with various shapes, colours or patters. Paving designs are not only highly resistant to cracking or damage due to their interlocking system, but are also easy to repair and replace individual pavers if necessary. Regular maintenance may also be needed as weeds can grow between the paving blocks.


Gravel is cost effective and budget friendly. It is easy to install and repair, as well as offering great drainage for properties. It is ideal for a rustic or natural look, however regular maintenance is required to prevent weeds and to ‘re-spread’ the gravel as it is prone to migrating. As gravel can be challenging to walk on, it is not ideal for heavy traffic areas and works well incorporated with other materials.

Driveway designs

Groby Landscapes have been designing and installing driveways across the county for over 5 decades. When designing your driveway it is important to consider a variety of elements.

When considering the pattern of your design, it’s important to choose a design that meets not only your aesthetic needs but also functional needs. For example, ensuring there is enough room to manoeuvre your vehicles. Herringbone or basket weave patterns make popular choices for block paving.

Including borders or edging can help to create an interesting driveway design. For example, using contrasting pavers to define the driveways edges. You can also enhance your design with landscaping materials. Adding greenery, plants and lighting can elevate your driveways presence.

Every driveway is unique

Your driveway is your own unique canvas. It’s important to select the right material, design and features to work for your personal needs. Your driveways should not only serve its purpose but also add charm and value to your home.

At Groby Landscapes, we can help – as Leicestershire’s longest-standing landscaping firm we’ll work with you to imagine a functional and aesthetic design for your home, with a price that is sensitive to your budget. 

Our team of expert installers work to the highest industry standards, ensuring your satisfaction, and leave you with an outstanding aftercare service. To arrange an appointment and get a quote from us today – call (0116) 238 6039 and speak to a member of our professional, friendly team.

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