Landscaping Tips: Preparing for a landscape redesign

If you’re investing in your outdoor area then you should be prepared to set aside some time for planning. There are many aspects to look at when preparing your landscape such as the lawn and areas where you may require plants, water features or paving.

You may instantly visualise a large lawn as stunning but in actual fact upon completion this can leave you slightly disappointed. This is often as a large lawn can be difficult and in some ways expensive to maintain. Small lawns without surrounding forestry can become subject to damage from high temperature from the sun. A mistake many home owners make when faced with this problem is excessive watering, which can lead to weakening the roots. Although a lawn might be a good idea, in order to add a natural look but at the same time very little maintenance you might consider looking into artificial grass as an alternative. With many modern styles available, and build to look as natural as ever, this might be an option you may not have considered for your new landscape.


A big part of garden design, and something that is talked through with Groby Landscapes in more detail during a consultation is the planting aspect of landscaping. Since plants take time to grow it is essential that you make the decision early as to what kind of plants you’d like to see. You should also have a good understanding of how to maintain the plants and what is expected from you as the gardener.

Trees also require a lot of thought before going ahead since they can grow in directions that might not be expected. When planting trees it is always a good idea to talk to a professional who will be able to advise on potential maintenance and how to care for your tree. In future after a tree is grown you may want to speak to an arborist who will provide services such as trimming and removal of branches if they become a problem.

Paving and features

Paved walkways can often contrast nicely to artificial turf and plants, The most important part of planning is to establish the areas you’d like to walk around, as well as the focal point of your garden. For instance, you might decided to have a water feature in the centre of your garden. This might be your focal point and a few paved walking areas leading up to this may complete your outdoor experience.

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