Although January has already arrived, it’s still not too late to set your new year’s resolutions. This is the perfect time of the year to set yourself some long-term goals, to improve both your physical and mental happiness for the months ahead.

While most resolutions are introspective and focus on personal changes such as diet and exercise, you can also benefit by setting positive goals which will affect the world around you. The garden is a great place to start, and improvements made here will benefit not just yourself and your family, but the local environment too.

With that in mind, here’s our rundown of the best landscaping resolutions.

Grow Your Own Fruit and Vegetables

One of the most satisfying things you can do with your garden is to grow your own food. Tomatoes, beetroot, potatoes, radishes and beans are easy to grow, and take up less space than you think. The benefits are numerous; growing at home saves you money, it’s kinder to the environment as you’re not using plastic packaging, and nothing tastes better that produce fresh off the vine. It’s also great for your health resolutions, as you’ll be more inspired to get your full five-a-day.

Make A Compost Heap

If you’ve decided to grow your own food, your next resolution should be to start your own compost heap so you’ll have easy access to fertiliser for your soil. It’s easy to set up – you can either construct your own enclosure or purchase a compost bin from a garden store – and then all you need to provide is the material. Throw in all your organic waste such as vegetable peelings, coffee grounds and garden waste, and you’ll simultaneously create nutrient-rich plant food, as well as reducing your contributions to landfill.

Welcome Local Wildlife

Encouraging wildlife into your garden is a rewarding pastime, and interacting with nature can also promote positive mental wellbeing. Your new compost head will probably already be attracting worms and bugs, but for sightings of frogs, newts and other aquatic life, why not add a garden pond to really kick-start your own ecosystem? A simple feeder will help you attract birds and squirrels, while a small dish of dog food overnight may result in a hedgehog sighting. Remember, as well as being fun to watch, these various garden visitors can help reduce the spread of weeds, pollinate plants and flowers, and keep slugs in check.

Remember To Weed

Although animal life can help reduce the spread of weeds, you’ll still need to pitch in. It’s never a fun job, but remembering to stay on top of your weeding will ensure the rest of your hard work doesn’t go to waste, and your plants and flowers can thrive. Just 10 minutes per weekend is enough to stop weeds taking hold. Pull up any shoots you see in the soil, while those which crop up between flagstones can usually be stopped in their tracks with garden weedkiller, or a small dousing of boiling water.

Switch To An Artificial Lawn

Want to spend less time maintaining your lawn, and more time relaxing in it? If your new year’s resolution is to cut down on gardening time, then why not swap your grass for artificial turf? It stays green and bright all year round, it requires zero upkeep other than the occasional raking, and new advances in artificial materials mean that it looks and feels like the real thing. It’s also great for the environment as it doesn’t require water in the summer, helping you to save much-needed resources.

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