Landscaping today has key themes consistent with an outdoor experience where the most popular technological trends reveal innovative methods to improve and individualize outdoor spaces. What’s even more important is that these spaces should be sustaining, pleasing to the eye, and low-maintenance. As the evolution of environmental awareness becomes more front and center, landscaping designs are now created and installed to preserve ecological symmetry and beauty.

More than ever, landscape designs are often a delightful combination of organic native plants and functional areas for entertaining and recreational activities. Today’s landscaping has never been more exciting, as lawn care is more manageable, new tools make gardening easier, planting materials are upgraded and woven into the overall designs. It makes sense that the landscape architecture becomes part of an exciting experience to connect with and share with others.

5 Latest Tech Trends in Landscaping

While technology is impacting the way design and landscape architecture projects are developed, there are some top trends to watch for during the overall process.

Lawn-Care Field Software

Specifically geared for business owners to manage and run their businesses from one platform, which includes managing clients, quoting, employee scheduling and dispatch, time tracking, and invoicing.

Robotic Mowers

Ever wonder how robotic mowers got their name? Well, while the old school motorized mower version cuts grass, a robotic lawn mower works in an entirely different way. The user must set up a border wire around the lawn that defines the area to be mowed, which gives the robot mower the ability to detect this wire to locate the boundary of the area to be trimmed.

Landscape Design Software

Primarily used by landscape architects, landscape designers and garden designers to create planting, softworks, groundworks and hard works plans before constructing a landscape, this design software offers two levels — amateur and professional.

Battery-powered Equipment

Considered to be the next generation of cordless outdoor power tools, battery-powered equipment involves lawn mowers, string trimmers and edging, and other necessary tools that maintain the landscape.

Augmented Reality

An interactive experience of a real-world environment where the objects that reside in the real world are enhanced by computer-generated perceptual information. Augmented reality allows project designers a brand new view of their landscape that is true to scale and ready to explore in real-time from any angle.

Whether in the early stages of landscape design, or simply wanting to stay up to date with the latest trends, technology has made the process more enjoyable and energy-efficient. At Groby Landscapes, we are always upgrading our equipment and landscaping methods to ensure we stay up to date with the most cutting edge technologies available. For a free consultation, don’t hesistate to contact our friendly team.

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