When landscaping is mentioned, most people instantly think of greenery. Landscaping plans often focus on lawns, flowers, and other plant life as the primary focus, however there’s more to landscaping than this. Stone, gravel, wood features and other ‘hard’ materials can be employed to an equally attractive effect, with these aspects often referred to as ‘hard landscaping’.

What’s more, choosing hard landscaping features for your project has a host of added benefits. Easy to install, and with low-maintenance required, here are some of our top recommendations.

Patios and Paving

Patios are available in a range of hard landscaping materials, with some of the most popular options including porcelain, granite, and the always budget-friendly concrete. Patios needn’t be grey, dull areas, thanks to the huge range of finishes available. Slabs are available in different textures, shapes and sizes, so you can create a visually striking finish that’s perfect for you.

When it comes to the benefits of patios over lawns, there’s much to discuss. Hard patios are a much better surface for barbeques, thanks to the steady surface, and no risk of scorching grass. There’s also no need to worry about mowing or tending to the space, and a simple jet-wash can clean the area in seconds. Decoration is easy, as patio furniture and plant pots can be easily arranged and rearranged at will, or stored away and retuned as the seasons require.

Fencing and Timberwork

Many garden owners use bushes, shrubberies or hedgerows to mark the perimeters of their space, but this comes with increased time and cost requirements when it comes to maintenance. Whether you hire a gardener, or take a tour with the shears yourself, there’s a significant amount of effort required to keep these neat and tidy.

Again, the logic is usually that green borders are more aesthetic, but fencing and timberwork also have the potential for an attractive finish. As well as a wide range of woods and styles available, you may want to add such decorative extras as pergolas or other timber structures as an added focus point. You may even wish to add an area of decking as a social space, matching your wood types for a consistent visual theme.

Pebbles and Gravel

Similar to patios, pebbles offer an easy-to-maintain alternative to turf. However, gravel and pebbles are more versatile when it comes to smaller or shapelier additions, such as bordering other garden features, or as an attractive garden path.

The benefit of pebbles and gravel is that they’re the easiest covering available. While you’d look to a skilled landscaper to arrange your patio flagstones, pebbles and gravel are easy to apply yourself, and go down in seconds with minimal fuss. For a more high-end finish, a landscaper can work pebbles into mortar for a more visually striking look.

Other hard landscaping features

There are many more hard landscaping features available. Why not ask your landscaper about mosaic tiling, metal structures to catch the eye, soft plastic or rubber surfaces for children’s play areas, or glass beads and marbles as a decorative alternative to gravel?

Whatever your landscaping aspirations, here at Groby Landscapes we can turn your ideas into a reality. With years of experience, and a host of satisfied customers, you can hire Groby Landscapers in complete confidence. We pride ourselves on competitive pricing, so contact our friendly team today to discuss your plans, and request a free quote.

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