When deciding to renovate your garden or outside area, it can be confusing to know where to start. You may have some of your own ideas, but you may also want some help and advice on how to make these a reality.

Whether you’re upgrading a domestic garden, or landscaping on a commercial scale, there can be a lot to consider, such as planting, timberwork, water features, paving, and other structures too. You’ll also want to plan the layout to ensure you get the maximum benefit from your space, as well as arranging the design to get the best results from both planting and lighting.

When hiring a professional garden designer, you can enjoy expert, impartial advice, along with added suggestions to really bring your ideas to life. With this in mind, we run down the top benefits of hiring a professional garden designer.

Your choice of design type

You can request your garden design in a format that best suits you. Most designers will offer this in a range of formats, from hand-drawn to computer-generated. A hand-drawn design can be presented as a 2D aerial plan which clearly marks out where each landscaping feature will be located, or as a full-coloured artists interpretation which will let you see in greater detail what the finished design will look like. If you wanted an even more in-depth view of the prospective dimensions and layout, you could even request a professional industry-standard 3D CAD (Computer Aided Design) rendering.

Budget-sensitive planning

When planning a landscaping project in your head, it’s easy to let your creative aspirations exceed your realistic budget. With the help of a professional garden designer, you’ll have someone to discuss your ideas and requirements, and suggest a way to make this work at a realistic cost. A designer can let you know the expected costs of the materials and labour needed, as well as the ongoing costs that any upkeep would require, so you’ll have a full and complete idea.

No obligation

When hiring a garden landscape designer, there’s no obligation to also book in the project to be completed at the same time. It’s your choice whether to do this, but you also have the option of simply purchasing the design plan itself. You can then use this to shop around for the best quote from your own choice of landscapers, or suppliers. If your dream design is also a little more costly than you initially thought, you can also spend some time putting the funds aside, and revisit the design months later when you’re in a position to proceed.

If you’re looking for a professional landscaping team to draw up your perfect garden plan, then Groby Landscapes is the ideal choice. We can provide hand-drawn or CAD designs based on your requirements, as well as recommending the best materials for the job and letting you know projected costs. Our team includes experienced installers who would be more than happy to discuss completing your project, or you can simply use our garden design service to purchase a plan, and then source a landscaper to carry out the work. For more information, or to request a no-obligation consultation, be sure to contact us today.

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