Picturesque, traditional gardens have long been a trend for British landscaping. With classical elegance, charm and sophistication, English garden designs remain a keen favourite for those who are looking to create a space of both tranquility and beauty.

Structured Layouts

One of the main features of traditional garden designs is their focus on layouts. Some of the most popular examples of this are knot gardens and parterre gardens, which place both symmetry and structure at the heart of the designs. 

When adding similar elements into your garden design, consider the use of space and planters by creating symmetrical planter beds or using hedges and shrubbery to help create defined areas.

Example of Parterre gardens

Focal Points

Integrating a clear focal point for your garden design helps to not only add interest to the landscape but also helps to draw the eye to certain areas. Planting beds, statues, water features or other outdoor structures can help to transform a garden space.

Garden Structures

As mentioned, adding structures to your garden design can help to create visual interest. Pergolas and archways provide great use of the vertical space available in a garden. Combining these with different plant choices, for example flowering ivy, can create even more visual interest.

Bespoke pond designs also make great feature pieces, by incorporating stonework as well as greenery and planting.

Pond in my garden.

Hedges, Topiary and Planting

We’ve briefly touched on how traditional English garden designs use hedges to create clearly defined sections and pathways, however there are many more possibilities. Including topiary adds structure and a sophisticated look and feel to your garden, whilst including evergreen plants helps to maintain a well presented garden all year round.

Plant selection and design is also a key element, consider incorporating wildflower patches which can not only benefit the local wildlife but also create a balance between the formality of garden design and the beauty of a natural space.

Topiary is the art of clipping shrubs or trees into decorative shapes and designs.

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