The time for sun loungers and garden parties may be over, but that doesn’t mean you need to desert your garden for the winter months. With Christmas on the way, it’s the perfect time to decorate your outside area with a festive aesthetic and truly enjoy the season.

While some suburban homes like to compete with Blackpool Illuminations at this time of year, there are ways to make your lawn (either the front or back) a winter wonderland, without resorting to a giant light-up Santa that threatens to drain the national grid. Here’s how:

Add a wreath to your door

Perfect for front, back, or patio doors, nothings says ‘Seasons Greetings’ in the same elegant way as a traditional wreath. Dating back to 16th century Germany, the Christmas wreath is a time honoured tradition, and if you like to maintain tradition, it’s customary to hang one from the first Sunday in Advent. Whenever you decide to display yours, you’ll have plenty of options to choose from, with pine cones, holly, and mistletoe berries all a popular addition. If you’re feeling particularly adventurous, you could even make your own.

Purchase conifers

Gardens obviously lose their colour over winter, as leaves and flowers vanish until spring. A great way to bring some greenery back to your garden is with a few potted conifers, which are relatively cheap, require minimal upkeep, and add a particularly festive touch. A quick trip to your local garden centre will uncover a wealth of evergreens to choose from, with such popular options as versatile Junipers trees, potted Pines, or Christmassy Spruces.

Add baubles and lights

There’s no need to adorn your house with lights that can be seen from passing airplanes, when a few restrained decorations to trees, plans and shrubs will offer a much classier aesthetic. Baubles and other hanging decorations are the ideal way to liven up bare branches, and a few fairy lights can also look great when used sparingly. If you do decide to go with outside lights, just be sure to purchase ones that have been manufactured for outside use, as these will be more resilient against the elements, offering both longevity and safety.

Create a cosy area

Just because it’s cold, doesn’t mean you have to stay indoors. Turn a patio area into a winter snug, and you can enjoy mulled wine on starry nights, or even fire up the winter barbecue. Patio heaters are now available at budget prices, with electrical options that are more environmentally friendly. If you prefer a more traditional approach, pick up a wood burning chiminea, or even roast some marshmallows over a steel firepit (best used on block paving or gravel areas). Add cushions and blankets to outside benches, and give your garden a chance to shine through the cold.

Feed (and water) the birds

Nothing will add the finishing touch to your Christmas garden like the sight of a red-breasted robin. You’ll also be doing the local wildlife a favour, as natural food is harder to come by during the colder months. As well as hanging food, another way to attract birds is to leave out a water bath. If temperatures have dropped below zero, birds may have trouble finding a drink, as streams and garden ponds can freeze over. A bowl of water left on a garden table will be a welcome relief to your local robin on cold days like these.

If you need help with creating your perfect winter wonderland, why not speak to Groby Landscapes? Whether you’re looking for assistance with adding some evergreens, or you want to create a cosy patio snug, we offer years of experience, alongside friendly and impartial advice. For more information, or to discuss your ideas, be sure to contact us today.

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