How Water Features Can Liven Up Your Landscape

big-water-featureYou may have created a flower and vegetable garden that is the envy of the neighbourhood, but adding a water feature is also a distinctive landscaping choice with a variety of shapes and sizes. It is not necessary to have a huge yard for a water feature. Use your creativity and available space to install a soothing water design. As part of our extensive range of landscaping services we can include some of the following features into your landscape:

Barrel Or Container Feature

Fill a barrel or container with water and use a water pump to create a bubbling effect on the water’s surface. This simple design keeps the water contained while still producing the desired sounds that induce relaxation and calm.

Rocks And Water Recycling

Purchase or build a rock stack within a wide bowl while adding a water pump and tubing to direct water across the rock peak. As water filters down the rocks, the natural trickling sound simulates a flowing creek. Water puddling at the rocks’ base is quickly siphoned through the pump’s tubing and back up to the peak again.

Pond Creations

Install a pond liner in your yard with a little excavation help from friends. Fill the liner with water and a pump. Add a bubbler in the pond’s center to create ripples across the water’s surface. An inviting pond calms your mind and may provide health benefits, such as lowering blood pressure. You can even add fish or plants to the pond for an even more natural appearance.

A Beneficial Change

Any feature with moving water keeps the immediate area cooler on hot days and may promote wildlife in your yard. Birds and butterflies are often attracted to water features, making your garden complete with flora and fauna. Some maintenance is needed for water features, such as cleaning the liner or container of potential algae. You can incorporate water feature maintenance with gardening chores to streamline the process and keep your yard neat and tidy year-round.

If you have any questions about implementing a water feature in your garden, contact Groby Landscapes for expert advice. Our experienced team provides you with the tools to create your own unique design.

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