Drawing Up Landscaping Plans With Your Landscape Gardener

Landscaping your home can seem like a daunting task, but it is easier and more enjoyable than you initially think. Getting your ideas on paper before beginning your project is vital, as you will be better able to visualize the end result. Having a plan will more likely guarantee that size, scale and layout have been thoroughly considered before any construction or planting takes place. Prioritization of both resources and time is simplified and the entire process becomes more effective. Beginning with a plan ensures less errors and dissatisfaction in the end.

Start with drawing a basic outline of your ideas. For more accuracy, graph paper can be used, each square designating a determined number of feet. This rough map can include property lines, house, garage, shed, walkways, driveways, the location of a septic tank, existing trees, rocks, and any unwanted aspects of the grounds you may want hidden through the use of landscaping. The landscape garden designer at Groby Landscapes can then talk you through the plan and draw up a second draft from your ideas, looking at potential problems or additional advice on might work better in your outdoor area.

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What Landscaping Features Might you Need?

A key decision at this point is how to use the ground area. Will an area be needed for children or pets to play? Do you entertain outdoors regularly? Will you be planting large fruit trees, smaller fruit-bearing bushes, flower beds or vegetable gardens? Are water features such as fountains or ponds of any interest to you? Give some thought as to how you wish to use the space and tailor a list according to your needs.

Another consideration to keep in mind is traffic flow. Can people travel with ease from one location to the next? Will traffic flow work well in connection to the house? Can it utilize already present features such as outdoor views or terrain variations? Combine various ideas until the most practical for your lifestyle becomes apparent. You may want to chose a lawn area with a patio or our speciality which is block paving, to which we are a Marshall’s accredited installer.

Being detailed about what you truly want will help in a landscape development plan. Think about the views you wish to see from the house and if privacy is important. Try to plan ahead for an array of contingencies such as streets being widened in the future or drainage fields hindering new planting. Thinking ahead can safeguard your investments for years to come.

Deciding on Plants and the Environment


A final step in landscape planning is to choose the trees or plants that meet specific needs. Will they be used for shade or for a privacy screen? Do they require sun, shade or moisture? Would you prefer them tall or short, with fruit or flowers? Be aware also of insects and plant diseases. We offer a full planting service with any landscape design project, we are able to provide good advice on the matter.

Landscape planning can be an enjoyable experience. Read books on gardening and browse through nursery catalogs. Take a trip to a local nursery and initiate discussions with the staff. Familiarize yourself with plants and materials. The landscape you seek is not only possible but well within reach.

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