A Short History of Block Paving

These days, the primary material used in block paving is clay or concrete, but at one time wood was actually far more common. For many ears, wood blocks were used to pave the city streets in numerous European countries and in America. In fact, some of these wood block paved streets still exist in today – such as the two streets in Chicago, which have managed to survive since 1909.

Block Paving: From Wood to Concrete

The technique was even noticed by Edgar Allan Poe, who said that “the wood block pavements have an advantage over all others.” While Mr. Poe might not have been correct about this, as concrete or clay is far more sturdy and lasts significantly longer, it was an accurate assessment at the time. Horses were more commonly used for transportation, and wood blocks were easier on their hooves.

Why we Use Brick Todayblock-paving

Today we tend to use bricks for their durability, long lifespan, and aesthetic appeal. Block paving is a popular method of paving for all kinds of surfaces, ranging from roads to back yard patios. This style of construction offers a host of benefits, particularly for those who live in especially cold climates. Even when the temperature drops well below freezing, concrete block pavement resists cracking or other weather-related damage.

The Ultimate in Customization

Block paving also allows for a large degree of customization by the builder. Just about any shade you can imagine is usually available, ranging in color from white to black to pink or ochre. Furthermore, block paving offers the builder a near-limitless assortment of patterns, with popular choices including a 45 degree stretcher bond, a basket weave pattern, or a even patterns with multiple sizes of block. The possibilities are endless. These can be used to install a new driveway or just to produce a nice outdoor area which requires little maintenance.

Marshall’s Accreditation – A Must for Your Construction Team

marshalls-logoIf you’re going to hire a team to build any kind of block pavement for you, it would be wise to ensure that they’re an accredited Marshall’s installer – this ensures that they know exactly what they’re doing from top to bottom in the field of landscaping. Successful applicants must have proven their skill at multiple landscaping techniques and services, and cannot simply buy an accreditation.

Groby Landscapes for Block Paving

Groby Landscapes might be the right choice for you if you’d like to have block pavement installed. The landscaping company is fully accredited by Marshalls and can offer their customers all of the latest innovations in landscaping materials and technology.

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