Golden leaves and crisp air, autumn is practically begging to have its beauty emphasized. Whether you’re ready to plant new trees, or you just want to do some touch-up, the season is perfect to make your garden truly shine. Here’s a few ideas to get you started.

Layer Your Plants

When planning beds for your flowers or other ornamental plants you might overlook the value of varying heights. When all the plants in an area grow to the same height it can create an unnatural feeling that distracts. Instead, use a few different varieties in a small area to create more natural looking decoration.

Colourful Containers

Dead or dull areas of your garden are no problem with some planning. In fact, they are really an opportunity to add the perfect amount of spice to an amazing garden recipe. Potted chrysanthemums, asters, and even grass varieties can really shine when well kept in a container. Not to mention, the containers themselves can be quite the attraction. With interesting patterns, textures, and colours, pots and containers can prove versatile; anything from accenting topiary to starring amidst more plain grasses and shrubs.

Animate Your Garden

And don’t think to leave out grasses. Ornamental grasses can prove to be the background that makes the rest of your garden shine. They can also be the finishing stroke of genius to a superior garden. Imagine a lush meadow of fine reds, golds, and greens swaying lazily under a striking autumn sunset. The power of grasses to enhance your garden is infinite.

Add a Rest Spot or Two

With all the time spent on your plant friends try not to forget about your human ones! Whether enjoying your garden personally or hosting company, a well placed bench will allow you to experience the full glory of your garden. Consider placing your rest spot in an area with shade and an enticing view and you might not be able to drag yourself away from it.

Fruit Trees To Delight

With all the consideration of style and ornamentation it can be easy to forget that there are more practical benefits to a garden. Long after the last autumn leaf has blown away, the literal fruits of your labour can still be enjoyed. Modern, self-fertile apricots can produce large crops for you. Self-fertile plums are another solid option.

Don’t let this autumn leave your garden behind! For more information and advice on garden design and landscaping options, feel free to contact Groby Landscapes on 0116 2386039

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